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Bigger Than You: What is Your Purpose?

Published: February 1,2019

"Bigger Than You: What is Your Purpose" is a book that provides readers the opportunity to not only rediscover themselves, but to really help individuals understand their greater purpose in life. By using the knowledge provided in this book, it will lead you on how to start truly working towards goals greater than yourself. Many of us forget who we truly are, but when we use our hands, minds, and big hearts to build something bigger than ourselves it is soon revealed that our lives can transform. This transformation leads us to see what pure greatness we possess.

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Plan A: No Other Option

Published: TBA

Throughout the process of people chasing their dreams we always develop a vision in our minds of what the end result will feel like. Then, we allow people who mean the most to us, and voices from the outside to cause us to lose focus. In this book Plan A, I want to take you on a journey through my life, and tell you my story on how I went from being the scrawny kid who was cut from his school team three times, to a young man receiving an opportunity to live his dream and play college basketball. This book will help you to see that when you have a made up mind of your final destination there is no room for a back up plan. If Plan A doesn't work out then you need a new plan. Your future is waiting on you...

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Be Here Now: Faith
Over Fear

Published: TBA

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