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Behind The Words

Thanks for visiting my website! I look forward to the future and having the pleasure of connecting with you.

Speaking is a way of life that I’ve utilized to empower others and expand their visions. It has become a passion of mine because it allows me to meet people where they are in life, and show them how much more they deserve, and what they are truly capable of. Speaking to others has always been something that came naturally to me, but growing up I never really saw how much value and service I was able to bring to others.

Growing up in Philadelphia most of the guys that I went to school with from a young age all had the same basic "street" motives. Some of these motives were money, drugs, women, and violence. I'm blessed to have grew with a single mother who never allowed me to fall into living a life running the streets. Although, I have lost many family members to the streets. My mother did her best to be a woman of influence in my life. Growing up I never really had a man who came into my life, and was willing to show me how to be a man. I had my mothers husband at a young who taught me how to ride my bike, brush my hair, and tie my shoes, but as life progressed the vested time and interest in me and my brother slowly faded away. My father has never not been in my life, but my mom carried a huge weight alone.

I had to create my own self-concept, and seek leadership through the different athletic coaches that I had when playing football, basketball, and track until I was able to mold myself to be someone bigger than what I saw growing up.










Fast forward...

Today, I’m motivated by faith, wealth, and being able to inspire others. I believe that through my work I have found purpose, and my goal is to impact millions of lives, and show people how they can find theirs.

Marcus Roberts-DeLoach: Coach| Author | Speaker | Entrepreneur

Marcus knows what it means turn a vision into reality. Roberts-DeLoach is a firm believer that current situations don't define final destinations.

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